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You may form your LLC online.
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Information Required For Articles:
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  • Please provide the name and physical address of your statutory agent?
    • Who can be a statutory agent?

      A Statutory Agent can be an individual, or an Arizona corporation or LLC, or a foreign corporation or LLC that is authorized to transact business in Arizona. A corporation or LLC cannot be its own Statutory Agent – it must appoint someone apart from itself. For example, the corporation can appoint one of its directors or officers in his or her capacity as an individual as the statutory agent, but cannot appoint the corporation itself as the statutory agent.

      If an individual is appointed as the statutory agent, that individual must be 18 years old or older, and must be a permanent, full-time resident of the State of Arizona, and must have a permanent, full-time physical or street address in the State of Arizona. The mailing address, if any, of that individual statutory agent must also be in Arizona.

  • Member Managed
    Manager Managed
  • What is Member Managed/Manager Managed?

    A member is an owner of the LLC. A manager is a person chosen by the members to manage the LLC.

    You can choose to have a member-managed LLC where all the members participate in running the company. Or, you can have a manager-managed LLC where only designated members, or certain nonmembers are given the responsibility to run the business.

    Additionally, if your company is member-managed you must list all of the members and their addresses on your Articles of Organization. If your company is manager-managed you only have to list the members with a 20% or greater interest in the company.

    If you choose a manager-managed LLC, please provide the name(s) and address(es) of the manager or managers. Please also provide the names and addresses of the members who will own a 20% of greater interest in the company.

    If you choose a member-managed LLC, please provide the names and addresses of all of the members.

Information Required For EIN:
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    No, Select Which Month
  • Yes, How Many employees?
  • Partnership (two or more members required)
    Corporation (S-Corp)
    Disregarded Entity (only one member)
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If you have questions regarding forming your LLC, please contact us at 480-307-9306 or by email at