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LLC Formation

Form an LLC

Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C. is certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to provide legal document preparation for individuals not represented by counsel.

Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C. offers an extremely affordable and convenient package for anyone who would like to form a Limited Liability Company.

Our package price is $325.00 and includes expedited filing and publication fees.

The L.L.C. package includes the following:

  • Check Name Availability
  • Prepare and file Articles of Organization
  • Prepare and file Consent of Statutory Agent
  • Apply for the Employer Identification Number (E.I.N.)
  • Publish Articles

We may also serve as your statutory agent. A statutory agent is assigned for service of process and must sign a consent.

We may also assist you with the following:

  • Amending your Articles
  • Applying for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company
  • Articles of Termination
Nicole Panzella

Nicole Panzella

Nicole is certified as a legal document preparer. AZCLDP #81653. Nicole specializes in Estate Planning, Probate, Corporate, Real Estate, Juvenile and limited Civil Cases.


We have affordable options and outstanding referrals for seeking legal advice, if required.
Our Certified Legal Document Preparers have been trained as paralegals by attorneys and still network with attorneys. Learn more about the staff at Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C.

Please call our offices for more information or to schedule an appointment at 480-307-9306 or contact us by email at

We look forward to working with you!