Paralegal versus Certified Legal Document Preparer

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Name Change Services

You may apply to change your name, your child’s name or your family’s name through the civil court. Our name change package price is $200. We prepare your documents, file them with the Court, assist with scheduling your hearing, coordinate service of process, if required, and prepare the documents required for your hearing.

Nicole Panzella

Nicole Panzella

Nicole is certified as a legal document preparer. AZCLDP #81653. Nicole specializes in Estate Planning, Probate, Corporate, Real Estate, Juvenile and limited Civil Cases.


Filing fees required by the court to process your documents vary depending on the County where you file your documents. If you qualify for a deferral or waiver of your filing fee, we can provide you with the required application and file it with the Court on your behalf.

Maricopa County filing fees

Pinal County filing fees

Service of process is required in certain situations. We can arrange for a process server to serve your documents either locally or anywhere in the United States. We may also assist you with publication, if required. Service costs vary.

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