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GUARDIANSHIP – MINOR Minor Guardianship

Minor Guardianship can be filed when someone other than the parent wants to be appointed by the Court to take over parental responsibilities. Both living parents will be required to consent to the minor guardianship or not go to Court to oppose the appointment. Guardians take over parental responsibilities for making decisions regarding housing, medical care, and education, among other things, for as long as the guardianship lasts.

bumptiously Minor Guardianship – $300
We prepare the documents, file them with the court and coordinate service, if required.


bakekaincontribolzano ADDITIONAL COSTS:

Filing fees required by the court to process your documents vary depending on the County where you file your documents. If you qualify for a deferral or waiver of your filing fee, we can provide you with the required application and file it with the Court on your behalf.

Maricopa County filing fees
Pinal County filing fees

If service is required, we can arrange for a process server to serve your documents either locally or anywhere in the United States. We may also assist you with publication, if required.


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