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Patrick Z. – August 2018 – Google

The staff here did and amazing job. It was great to know that there is a ultra professional service that handled my divorce paperwork for so much less than an overpriced attorney! I am sure there are contested situations where an attorney would be the way to go, but for uncontested, these guys were amazing! Hats off to them. I highly recommend you call them.

Laura R.- August  2018 – Google

Very helpful office, for a reasonable price. Professional staff, clean facility, knowledgeable in their field. Kelly helped me with my divorce paperwork and was a blessing to work with. Not only did she make me feel at ease, but she took a huge load of stress off my mind with the paperwork and filing. I strongly recommend this business. 👍🏻

Angela S. P. – 6/28/2018 – Facebook
Nicole was amazing! She did everything but go to court with me. She is very professional and even noticed things in my supplementary paperwork I hadn’t noticed. Very reasonable prices! I highly recommend this company!!!

Dave D – 6/19/2018 – Yelp
I have had the misfortune over the years of having poor attorneys, lousy legal advice and the worst luck representing myself in family court in the 14 years since my divorce.

With a total of 8 children but only 3 remaining minor children at the time, my ex decided to leave Arizona without following the protocol. I knew this was something I should deal with and quick, once I found out. The complexities of the documents I needed to file to address the issue at hand was one that, despite my decent writing skills, needed to be handled by someone who has doing this for a LONG time.

I reached out on Yelp for these services and from the initial dialogue, I had a feeling I was making the right choice.

Kellie and her staff helped me through a petition to bring my youngest son back to Arizona with Temporary Orders, an evidentiary hearing, trial and a final trial last week and my 14 year old will get to come back and stay with dad…just like he wanted to from the very start.

I am not an attorney and honestly, if you can afford a good one, that may be a sound bet however if you can’t afford an attorney but you want to make sure you are complying with everything the court asks for in writing within the timelines and requirements put upon you during the process, Kellie exercises almost seamless skill with her staff to take care of you from start to finish. A finishing touch on the work she does is that she cares and is genuinely interested in your success and the results of her work. She has a phenomenal amount of knowledge regarding the wording that gets results in the courtroom and has advanced resources at her disposal to make sure all of her i’s are dotted and her t’s are crossed and she has you as set as you can be with the correct paperwork for your court cases. I believe that over the last 7+ months in my case, Kellie went above and beyond taking care of a father who has been mauled by the system for years. She kept my spirits up, kept me motivated to succeed by following through in person regularly and with the wording she crafted so eloquently on my motions.

Kellie is a Navy veteran and takes care of those of us that have served our country…in fact, it feels like she has a soft spot for us.

Court can be a stressful place, especially with the well being of your children on the line…all in all, Kellie’s persistence, pride and dedication to what she does helped me immensely therefore I would highly recommend her and her team’s services to anyone who wants it done right. Trust me, getting the administrative part right for my hearings made it much easier to show up in court and worry about nothing but arguing my point to the judge. If I need assistance like this in the future, I know exactly who to turn to hands down.


Dave, a caring Father!

RC – June 2018 – Google

Nicole Panzella, was very professional!! She helped answer all of our questions. Nicole, also helped put our minds at ease. I highly recommend her. 😀

Amelia R. June 2018 – Google

Kellie, went out of her way to help me when I was in crunch. She was knowledgeable and was able to get my documents prepared within a few hours. She did this so that I could meet a short deadline. I highly recommend her she is a true professional and very kind.

Catherine – 5/7/2018 – Yelp
Super quick, easy, and affordable to change the deed on our house from my maiden name to married, while also adding my husband. Thanks Nicole and Melanie!

Debbie S. – May 2018 – Google

Kellie filed my PLLC for me. I needed it in a quick manner. She was extremely attentive, and thorough, I was very impressed by her follow-up and follow through.

Heather B. – April 13, 2018 – Facebook, Google, BBB

Melanie did all of my document preparation for my divorce. She did an amazing job with the documents and prepping me for the court dates as well. I felt prepared and supported at a fraction of the cost of an attorney. I highly recommend them!

Janet L. – April 2018 – Google

Nicole handled all the probate paperwork for my Uncle’s estate. Not only are the fees very reasonable but Nicole walked me through the entire process, completed all the court documents and even called to remind me/find out when i would be ready to submit closing documents. I highly recommend Nicole!

Martha P. – March 13, 2018 – Facebook

Thank you to Kellie DiCarlo for your professional, knowledgeable experience to include having compassion to take care of a matter that wasn’t taken care of correctly and handled unprofessionally by another person. It took you one time to get it right and granted! We thank you and appreciate very much how you handled our case in an expedited professional and caring manner. Thank you!

Paula R. – March 2018 – Google

Arizona Legal Document Services, LLC This company went above and beyond for me. I live out of state and the other legal service I was using dropped the ball on some filing I needed done. ALDS got the job done. The staff was knowledgeable and professional. I couldn’t be happier!


T Vol – February 2018 – Google

Melanie and the whole staff of Arizona Legal Documents have been extremely helpful, professional, and courteous in helping my mother through her divorce. From start to finish, they worked diligently to make sure her needs were accommodated. I would not hesitate for a second to refer any of my friends and family to use her services should that need arise. Thanks again from Susie and her family. 5 stars all the way around.


Sean R. – December 2017 – Google

Very rarely do you find a business that is able to not only handle your important issues, but does so with such a personal touch, you feel as though they have already known you for years. This is that kind of business. They handled my situation with efficiency and accuracy and all the while I felt like I was at a family member’s house getting help with something I was working on. I dealt with Corrina, Kellie, and Alyssa and all of them were a true pleasure to deal with and made me feel comfortable and at home while handling sensitive legal issues. If I ever need anything even slightly related to their line of business or know anyone who needs their services, I would wholeheartedly recommend them without a moments hesitation. Truly a pleasure to do business there.

James A. – December 2017 – Google

Today, Nicole did my will/power of attorney for me. The packet was perfect. The cost was extremely reasonable (a lot cheaper than I expected). They even give military veterans discounts. I highly recommend this agency for any legal document preparation needs.
I can honestly say I was 100 percent satisfied.

Cloud Mine – December 2017 – Google

I was Kellie’s very first client ten years ago this new year, and I’ve never seen a business owner that works harder and cares more about her clients. Kellie knows the Arizona Court system better than anyone else, she has a number of licensed attorney’s she works with if you need legal advice, and her people can save you a ton of $ if you can’t afford an attorney. It’s pretty awesome that Arizona is one of the few states that has a certified legal document preparer program–because of it, Kellie’s business saved my daughter’s life from an abusive and neglectful parent. There’s no way at the time that I could have afforded what an attorney needed to take my case. My daughter is in high school now and is doing great.

Parent Partnership Program – Tempe – December 2017 – Google

My husband and I were helped by Nicole. She made our experience easy. We are so happy with the service we received that we tell everyone about it.

Doran E. – November 15 , 2017

First experience in needed the advice and services of a paralegal. Melanie made me feel important and comfortable with the whole experience. Professionalism was top notch. As was the efficiency and speed in which it was performed. Happy camper. 🙂

Merrick T. – October 2017 – Google

I have used this company a handful of times. Each time I used them they were very professional yet personal, they drafted the paperwork up in a timely manner, and they took the time to follow up with me during the drafting of paperwork and after paperwork was filed. I would highly recommend! Will use again if I need to in the future.

Keith C. – October 2017 – Google

Excellent service from a friendly and professional staff. Melanie took care of all my needs and did thorough research before I paid court fees to ensure I didn’t overpay.

Resonate– October 2017 – Google

I have used this service a couple of times now. I have yet to be disappointed. N.P. is fabulous to work with. She is diligent and exceptional at what she does. Highly recommend.

Philip G. – October 2017 – Google

Very good service and good value for the money. A fraction of the price of having my attorney do all the paperwork.

Melissa B. – August 12, 2017 – Facebook
I have been separated from my husband for close to a decade and when I finally was able to start my divorce process I looked into getting a lawyer and having them handle everything. Unfortunately getting a lawyer these days (at least for my case) is kind of pricey. So when I called to set up an appointment with the Arizona Legal document services I wasn’t it expecting it to be so easy. But in all honesty is was easy. Melanie was and still is amazing! She made me feel that I could finally get this process done without any hassle. She explained everything I needed to know and the timeline. And now finally after so many years I’m divorced and I couldn’t be happier!

Kimberley P. – 6 months ago- Google
Knowledgeable, caring and affordable. A great experience with a not so great issue. Kellie and her staff are wonderful to work with. Always answered questions or concerns in a timely manner. Highly recommended.

Crystal N. – 1/14/2017- BBB
These ladies were great! Melanie and Alyssa were very professional and friendly. I highly recommend hiring them! From the first day I met with them and they started the confusing paperwork process for my divorce, they were very good at explaining the whole process and what they would be doing and what would be happening from start to finish. They took care of everything including every question I had along the way. They were very knowledgeable and my divorce was final without any issues and very quickly! Thanks again to Melanie and Alyssa for making this already difficult situation very easy! 🙂

James F. – 2/6/2017 – Yelp
Arizona Legal Document Service hands down is the best of the best. They handled my child support modification paperwork, filed with the court and took care of the process server.
Peace of mind and quality service is what I got from ALDS. I didn’t feel alone and stressed because they were there to support and answer my questions at anytime.
I have recommended them to dozens of friends and family members and they too have had the same exceptional experience and quality service!
I won’t use anyone else!

Zachary P. – Google.
Um, these people are amazing.
Don’t let their smiles and charm deceive you, they’re out to do good.

Sonia L. – July 5, 2017 – Facebook
Melanie was great! They helped us with the termination of rights, everything was done so fast and we had a court day sooner than we expected- they were great help and I would recommend everyone to them!

John W. – a month ago – Google
These folks are amazing. They helped me with my divorce forms. They are very friendly and was eager to explain the whole process to me. I highly recommend them if you need assistance with legal forms.

Ivan I. – 3/10/2017 – BBB
Positive Review
Great team. I was filing for a divorce from out of state. They kept me in the loop 100% of the time and answered all questions I had. It was cheap, simple, and effective. Thank you for your support and all you did for me.

Debi A. – 6 months ago – Google
Legal situations are never easy and can be very stressful, but thanks to Kellie, my experience was smooth and quick. She demonstrates how a true professional should conduct business and I am very grateful my co-worker recommended this company to me. I will have future legal documents and this is the only place I will go from now on. My sincerest thanks to Kellie and Corrina for everything and I highly recommend them to anyone!

Jess E. – February 8, 2017 – Facebook
Melanie and Alyssa were awesome. They made the entire process much smoother, especially when dealing with a uncooperative ex. They both answered any question I had promptly. Highly recommend these two if you want to file for a divorce!

Pamela M. W. – June 16, 2014 – Facebook
So far they have been so much help to my daughter with a lot of legal issues with child custody. They have just helped so much.

Christina Maureen – 5 months ago- Google
I worked with Kellie E. DiCarlo and she was extremely helpful. My case (Parenting Time/ Child Support) was about 4 months long and she helped me every step of the way. I never felt intimidated or rushed to complete documents and all questions were answered in my best interest. Phone calls were always returned and I never felt forgotten. I definitely recommend Kellie for any legal documentation assistance.

Andromeda H Q. – April 16, 2016 – Facebook
The customer service that I experienced was amazing! I was able to get documents notarized, attorney recommendations and most importantly, I left with a smile! Thank you.

Shannee H. – January 16, 2016 – Facebook
Kellie and her team have helped several times with various court related issues. They are knowledgeable and know what they are doing. But what I like most is the personal touch of understanding that these situations are so stressful. Kellie and her team handle things with ease and help the client feel more peaceful and confident during a difficult time. I will continue to use her for all my legal needs. She is also very affordable which is helpful. Thanks you guys!!!

Elizabeth R. – 6/14/2017 – BBB

******* handle my divorce; the process was very straight forward, she explained everything clearly, ensuring that I understood every step along the way. She responded to my emails quickly and made sure I was absolutely comfortable with everything filed for our case. I would highly recommend her and her office for any requiring legal doc assistance!

Tilly T. – July 8, 2015 – Facebook
Arizona Legal Documents are amazing!! The whole staff is so professional but understanding at the same time, such a perfect mix. Especially since I had no idea what to do or what I was doing or trying to do on my own. They helped me with the filling out of my paperwork, filing papers, and gave me step by step instructions and explained every little detail along the way. They also let me know what I may expect next. I am so grateful to have found them. With Arizona Legal Documents you can NOT go wrong they are simply the BEST by far!!

Elizabeth R. – 6/14/2017 – Yelp
Melanie handled my divorce; the process was very straight forward, she explained everything clearly, ensuring that I understood every step along the way. She responded to my emails quickly and made sure I was absolutely comfortable with everything filed for our case. I would highly recommend her and her office for any one requiring legal doc assistance!

Tania K M.- March 16, 2016 – Facebook
Melanie & I walked away with a victory today . Arizona Legal Services you are the best!

Michael G. – a year ago – Google
I am so happy to have found this place! As if I don’t already have so many things going on in my life, Arizona Legal Doc Service was able to put my stress about my divorce aside. I spoke to Kellie, and she was just so helpful and very informative. I definitely recommend their service!

John G. – September 13, 2016 – Facebook
These girls were a godsend saved me thousands of dollars and made the whole process easy and logical for both parties involved. I will be recommending Melanie and the whole team to whoever they can help. Thanks again!!!

Elizabeth R. – two months ago – Google
Melanie handled my divorce; the process was very straight forward, she explained everything clearly, ensuring that I understood every step along the way. She responded to my emails quickly and made sure I was absolutely comfortable with everything filed for our case. I would highly recommend her and her office for any one requiring legal doc assistance!

Erica McGuire – one month ago – Google
The Mesa office was amazing! The ladies there helped me every step of the way thru my divorce. Highly recommend them.

D. G. – 4/24/2016 – BBB
Arizona Legal Documents was great to me. What I had to take care of, I could not have done it without them. Especially, Melanie. Not only did she take care of all of the paperwork, she went well and beyond what I paid for after they were paid. She was always following up with the courts and myself all the way until the matter was resolved. An attorney wanted five time as much money to do the same thing ******* did. Thank you for all that you did.

Paul Sc – 9 months ago – Google
I needed to file a modification on parenting plan, a stop of child support, and a waiver of child support arrears. I went to a lawyer and she quoted me at least $1000 for doing this, possibly more with filing fees. The lawyer emails me a form for me to sign to “retain” them. I move on. I did a Google search and found Arizona Legal Document Services. I got an appointment quickly, met with Melanie for about 45 minutes and provided copies of existing documents. Within 1 week I and my ex were in her office signing the modifications. $300 + filing fee of $84. Not only was the cost exceptional for the work but Melanie was SUPER professional and a pleasure to work with. I HIGHLY recommend their services!

Erica M. – 7/7/2017 – BBB
Great people. Amazing service. Highly recommend them.

M.N. – 11/30/2016 – BBB
****** and her team were extremely helpful during my divorce process. They were always available for any question I had and extremely responsive. They significantly helped lower my stress and confusion level during a very stressful time in my life. I’m so thankful to have found them.

John G. – 9/13/2016 – BBB
These girls are incredible saved my thousands of dollars. Angels from heaven. I highly recommend them!!

Elizabeth R. – June 14 – Facebook
Melanie handled my divorce; the process was very straight forward, she explained everything clearly, ensuring that I understood every step along the way. She responded to my emails quickly and made sure I was absolutely comfortable with everything filed for our case. I would highly recommend her and her office for any one requiring legal doc assistance!

Cynthia S. – July 2, 2014 – Facebook
A big thank you Kelly for helping me and my family during this very stressful time. Your knowledge helped us get through this trying time. We appreciate you!

Daniel O. – April 28 – Facebook
Went in for notary service to Phoenix office. Customer service was outstanding! Will be back!

Melyssa V. – 2 months ago – Facebook
Great attitudes and unending dedication, these women have got it together!

john groom – 11 months ago – Google
They were angels and kept the process smooth and positive for both parties involved. I will be telling everyone I know about Melanie and the whole staff. Shes smart friendly and really cares. Thanks again!!

Jeff C. – 7 months ago – Google
These ladies are the best..made something that was impossible for me to do and made it quick and easy .I would recommend this business for all their services

Jennifer L. – February 7 – Facebook
Melanie and Alyssa were awesome! They were with me through the whole divorce and then some. These ladies are very caring and supportive. The whole process was a breeze and they always had time to answer my million and one questions. Thank you girls so much for helping me through this!!

Travis G. – a year ago – Google
Working with Arizona Legal Document Services was one of the best decisions I could have made. They took what appeared to be an extremely complicated set of forms and instructions and reduced it to 3 easy steps. They also were great to keep me informed throughout the entire process. If I ever need a service that they provide I will not hesitate to contact them again!

L. B. – BBB
AZ Legal Document Services has been nothing but top notch and professional. Working with Melanie has exceeded my expectations. She made my divorce, which is not a pleasant experience, seamless, and most importantly, it took so much stress from me. She was always available when I had a question and she made me feel comfortable under all circumstances. I highly recommend this company to anyone going through this painful process. They will make everything so much easier for you.

L. L. – 6/10/2016 – BBB
My experience with Arizona Legal Document Services, LLC in Mesa went very well. I had no issues and things were done in a timely & professional manner. I knew what to expect and my questions were answered promptly. Melanie did a fabulous job helping me through the divorce process. Thank you!

Lara B. – a year ago – Google
AZ Legal Doc Services was recommended to me by a good friend who used them for her divorce and they have exceeded my expectations. Melanie is a sweetheart and a dream to work with. I wouldn’t have made it through this stressful and sad time without her. She made the divorce as easy for me as it could have ever been. I’m forever grateful.

Cynthia E. a year ago – Google
Melanie and her team where there when I was at an all time low. I so much appreciate what they do and what they did for me.

Erica M. – July 7 – Facebook
The Mesa girls were amazing and helped me every step of the way with my divorce. I highly recommend them!!!

E. L. – 3/16/2016 – BBB
Nothing but the best service. Melanie and Alyssa went above and beyond to help me with my paperwork and followed up in the end. Will recommend and use them again.

Jake B. – 10/13/2016 – BBB
I don’t know how to express my gratitude for Melanie and her team! They have gone above and beyond all of my expectations! They show empathy and compassion as well as professionalism! Thank you all! I recommend them to anyone in need of their services!

angie 2066 – a year ago – Google
Kelli and her staff are the best , very professional , documents done on time with very reasonable price.I highly recommend this office.

Sandra R. – March 19, 2015 – Facebook
Awesome service! Kellie helped my fiancee with his child custody documents and she was always helpful and friendly. She is an amazing person and a true professional.

J. J. – 2/29/2016 – BBB
Being a little intimidated with the legal paperwork process I was very happy and surprised how at ease I was made just by making my initial phone call. After it was all said and done the professionalism and the customer service I received was second to none and the next thing you know my paperwork was finalized! Could not have been happier! I will never, ever go anywhere else for legal document preparation again. I have used others in the past and there is just no comparison. The knowledge, the care, the know how and at no point was I ever made to feel like a number, simply superb! A big thank you to Melanie and her staff!

Paul S. – 10/25/2016 – Yelp
I needed to file a modification on parenting plan, a stop of child support, and a waiver of child support arrears. I went to a lawyer and she quoted me at least $1000 for doing this, possibly more with filing fees. The lawyer emails me a form for me to sign to “retain” them. I move on. I did a Google search and found Arizona Legal Document Services. I got an appointment quickly, met with Melanie for about 45 minutes and provided copies of existing documents. Within 1 week I and my ex were in her office signing the modifications. $300 + filing fee of $84. Not only was the cost exceptional for the work but Melanie was SUPER professional and a pleasure to work with. I HIGHLY recommend their services!

David N. – 2/6/2017 – Yelp
I HAVE THE INSIDE SCOOP ON THIS COMPANY. The owners live three doors down from my wife and I. We have spent many of evenings sitting in their back yard talking about our lives and our work. We learned very quickly that the service they provide for families is so important, especially for families that can not afford the gigantic expense of an attorney. The owner never shares with use the details of her clients but we know that she takes her work home with her every night and usually works all weekend if need be. This business TRULY CARES ABOUT THEIR CLIENTS in every way that can be described. They have helped more people in our family than we can count. I would give them 6 star if I could.

Abdiel S. – a year ago – Google
Kelly and her daughter are awesome! My girlfriends has referred 2 other friends that needed her service and would recommend them to all of you. I will be going for legal assistance too!

R. R. – 1/11/2016 – BBB
My experience with Arizona Legal Docs has been amazing. I worked through them to file for divorce. My documents were completed quickly, but with 100% accuracy. They also went above & beyond any of my wildest expectations during the entire process. I never felt like I was being looked down upon; everyone went out of their way to ensure I felt comfortable and informed. I have even referred this business to my family for living will updates. I can’t say enough wonderful things about AZ Legal Docs!

Debbie H. 2 years ago – Google
My experience with Arizona Legal Document Services was wonderful. Without them I would never be able to get through my divorce with knowledge and understanding without an attorney to help me. I highly recommend them.

Roxx S. – June 12 – Facebook
Melanie and Alyssa were both amazing. Easy to talk to, friendly. Responded quickly to all my questions. Melanie was very patient, went through paperwork & explained the process. I highly recommend! Thank you both, for your help!

Lisa N. – July 13, 2016 – Facebook
Over the moon for these Ladies. These gals have your back, and give you a completely stress free process. I have and will continue to refer them. I’m am so very pleased I found them, they made a scary situation a breeze. Thank you so much.

Heather M. L. – April 21, 2016 – Facebook
Alyssa and Melanie are awesome! I’m so glad that I went through them to get my divorce, especially to someone not in the country. Definitely recommend them!

Dwain R. – July 26, 2014 – Facebook
Great help with subjects most people never deal with!!! Awesome staff that cares….

P. M. – 11/14/2015 – BBB
Excellent service and professionalism I highly recommend it.

Keith F. – 2015 – BBB
Absolutely impressed and grateful for the help and care that I received in my case. Went beyond what they had to, to help me understand my options and what was and wasn’t in order. They took the time through out my entire case to communicate and demonstrate their care for my satisfaction.

Sarah – 9/3/2015 – BBB
They were extremely professional, helpful and on point throughout the entire process. I never had to follow up on the status of my case and I was provided with everything I needed. I highly recommend them and would use them again.

Randi S. – 8/28/2015 – BBB
I really enjoy working with melanie from az legal because she makes me feel comfortable and explains things to make sure I always understand. Also provides with the best possible answers for my child.

Nikki V. – a year ago – Google
Fantastic service they provide, and wonderful work they do!

Aleksandra W. – 6 years ago – Google
Kellie went above and beyond with my documents for an emergency custody case. She got my paperwork done amazingly fast at a very reasonable rate. She also helped me find a process server in yavapai county, checked up on the progress of the case, and helped with many questions I had during the process. She has also helped my parents who originally referred me to her. Needless to say we are very happy with her services. We drove to see her all the way from Goodyear, she’s worth it!

Carolina P. 4 years ago – Google
Kelly was patient with me with my child support and explaining everything in detail. I do refer to her if anybody or family need legal service. Thank you Kelly for all your help (:

James R. – January 18 – Facebook
Kellie is awesome! She really cares about people and doing the right thing. You can trust Arizona Legal Document Services!

Danielle T. – August 4, 2016 – Facebook
The ladies in the Mesa office have been so amazing and helped me so much!
Thank you Melanie for everything it was fantastic meeting you.

Stephanie A. – June 4, 2016 – Facebook
Kellie was my saving grace in my divorce.I couldn’t afford an attorney and she helped me with all paperwork.

Jacqueline A. – 8/19/2015 – BBB
What a great company to work with! I was really nervous about making sure my divorce got done correctly. After meeting with them the first time I felt more as ease. They handled EVERYTHING for me. All I had to do was show up. Melanie was so amazing, with the situation I was in she went above and beyond to make sure that I felt taken care of and important. I would recommend this company to anyone!

Dominic Ross – June 11, 2015 – Facebook
Thank you for everything! Couldn’t imagine doing this without you.

Brandon E. – 8/6/2015 – BBB
I had the pleasure of working with Melanie in order to complete some legal documents. She was always prompt, courteous, and willing to help with any issues that arose. She made my experience with this business the best! I couldn’t have asked for better service. Thank you!

Stephanie E. – 6/3/2015 – BBB
The team at AZ LEGAL DOCS are amazing! ******* was a pleasure to work with and explained things so graciously with incredible knowledge on many different situations. Their communication via phone and email is always executed quickly with everything requested and/or needed. Timely, friendly, and very easy to work with!

Marcheta B. – 5/28/2015 – BBB
I do not live in the Phoenix/Mesa area, but using Arizona Legal Documents Services made my divorce process easy and simple. It took away alot of stress in preparing the documents I need to complete my divorce. My case did not need a lawyer so it saved me money. The staff was very kind, courteous and professional. They kept me informed on my process by email, phone, and text messages. I would recommend this service to others.

Michael D. – 5/7/2015 – BBB
Arizona legal document service is excellent, great service, help you step by step and make you feel welcome.

Jessica M. – 12/5/2014 BBB
I couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and services AZ Legal Document Services provided. They took all the guess work out of filing the paperwork for a modification of child support and custody and helped me every step of the way. Thanks ladies you rock!!

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