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We are certified by the Arizona Supreme Court as a Legal Document Preparation

Entity - AZCLDP #81074.

Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C. is certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to provide legal document preparation for individuals not represented by counsel. Although our paralegals cannot provide you legal advice, they can provide you legal factual information in accordance with Arizona Code of Judicial Administration § 7–208. Our paralegals properly prepare legal documents to your specifications and in accordance with all applicable statutes and Arizona Court Rules.


Divorce Without Children

MANAGER : November 8th, 2016

Notary - Free of Charge

Why for free?

Because we would like you to visit our offices in the Heard Building in Downtown Phoenix or the 101 Building in Downtown Mesa and see what services we provide.

If you are a client, we notarize all of your documents at no additional cost.

If you require witnesses for the documents you are signing that have not been prepared at our offices, we charge $40.00.

We currently have five notaries available in our Phoenix and Mesa locations.

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