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incidentally You may apply to change your name, your child’s name or your family’s name through the civil court. Our name change package price is $320 for an individual and $350 for a family. We prepare your documents, file them with the Court, assist with scheduling your hearing, coordinate service of process, if required, and prepare the documents for your hearing. You will work directly with Kellie DiCarlo and Corrina McIntire during the process of legal changing your name. 

Effective October 1, 2021, only the Arizona Travel ID (driver license or ID card), a U.S. passport and other federally approved identification will be accepted to pass through TSA airport security checkpoints for domestic travel. A birth certificate or passport will be required to obtain this ID. If you have been using a name that is not your legal name on identification, you will be required to legally change your name through the court. If you are facing this issue, we can help.

Kellie E. DiCarlo, Owner, Paralegal AZCLDP, Notary
Kellie E. DiCarlo, Owner

Kellie DiCarlo – AZCLDP #81069

Kellie is owner and designated principle of Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C. with over 25 years legal experience.

Corrina McIntire

Corrina McIntire – Paralegal Assistant

Corrina has worked and trained with Kellie for years. She is in the process of obtaining her certification. 

The following are the options for legally changing a name or names:

Name Change for an Adult without Minor Children

Name Change for an Adult with a Minor Child

Name Change for a Child

Name Change for a Family

buy accutane in australia General Requirements for a Legal Name Change

You are prepared under penalty of perjury to inform the Court whether you have ever been convicted of a felony and whether there are any pending charges against you for a felony or other offense involving false statements or misrepresentation of identity.

You understand the name change will neither harm your rights nor release you from any obligations or liabilities incurred under your current name.

You are not changing your name to that of another person for the purpose of committing any crime or furthering any offense involving fraud or misrepresentation of identity.


Filing fees required by the court to process your documents vary depending on the County where you file your documents. If you qualify for a deferral or waiver of your filing fee, we can provide you with the required application and file it with the Court on your behalf.

Maricopa County filing fees

Pinal County filing fees

Service of process is required in certain situations. We can arrange for a process server to serve your documents either locally or anywhere in the United States. We may also assist you with publication, if required. Service costs vary.

Veterans & Military

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