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Simple Mediation – Where Mediation meets Certified Legal Document Preparation.

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Kellie DiCarlo

 AZCLDP #81069

With over 30 years of legal experience, Kellie E. DiCarlo is a respected figure in the legal field. As founder and owner of Arizona Legal Document Services, LLC, she, her paralegals and staff have provided exemplary legal document preparation services for over 15 years, while maintaining an A+ rating with the BBB. Kellie has served on the Family Court Improvement Committee with the Arizona Supreme Court since its inception in 2019 and served on the Subcommittee for the current 2022 Arizona Child Support Guidelines. She is knowledgeable and up to date with the new Arizona Spousal Maintenance Guidelines and worksheet. She received training for mediation through the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

Melanie Vache

 AZCLDP #81652

Melanie Vache, a family law paralegal, will be joining Kellie as a mediator in 2024. Melanie obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology from ASU. We look forward to bringing Melanie’s education and vast experience to our mediation services.

What We Offer:

The simplicity of our mediation process, which combines the summary consent decree process with mediation, ensures a swift and hassle-free completion of your divorce or legal separation proceeding. Additionally, we provide mediation services for other family court matters with the agreement/stipulation documents required to obtain a final order from the court.

At Simple Mediation, we believe in fair pricing and transparency. Over the years, we have witnessed mediation agreements riddled with outdated language and unnecessary content, leading to exorbitant costs. Our aim is to streamline the process. With extensive experience in family law cases and an up-to-date understanding of the latest rules, statutes, and the new Spousal Maintenance Guidelines, we prioritize simplicity over complexity. Our daily work with individuals navigating the intricacies of the family law process informs our approach, advocating for collaborative solutions rather than judicial decisions. Let us help simplify your family law matter.


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A phone consultation is scheduled with both parties and the mediator to go over the process, answer your questions and determine if mediation with our company is the right fit for your case. We will also determine at this time if there are any conflicts of interest.

If the parties and the mediator agree to proceed, the parties will be sent a mediation agreement and contract for services to docusign.

The parties will be provided a list of documents to gather and send the mediator.

The parties will be provided a list of links to help them prepare for the mediation process.

A zoom meeting will be scheduled with both parties and the mediator to start the first session.

Costs are separate: